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"Reflections on an online journal", Asia and Pacific Writers' Network (2009)
Edited publications
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Founding Editor) (November 2007-present)
Sotto Voce Magazine (Assistant Poetry Editor) (July 2008-present)

Book reviews
¶A review of Shirley Lim’s Listening to the Singer. Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature 3:1 June 2009: 104-108. [pdf]
¶A review of Louise Ho's Incense Tree: Collected Poems in Asian Review of Books (Reprinted here.) (May 2009)

Short Stories
¶"Eyes" in Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (April 2009)

Dialogues (Co-written)
¶"Bioluminescence" in DIAGRAM (November 2009)
¶"Unlikely factory", "Clothes and papers" in Fringe (October 2009)
¶"Strangers, one train" in Admit2 (September 2009)
"Debating love", "Variations on a theme" in Qarrtsiluni (The Mutating the Signature Issue, January-April 2009)

Poetry (in anthologies & books)
"In this massive hallway"Reprint [pdf] (p. 157) in 21 Stars Review: The Complete Poetry and Prose (Sundress Publications, 2009)
¶"Early spring"Reprint (p. 153) in Life's Serenity: A Selection of Poetry (Forward Press, January 2009)
¶"As I lay curled on the sofa"Reprint (p.79), "A river on its way" (p.108), "Access denied" (pp.418-419) in Not A Muse (eds. Kate Rogers and Viki Holmes) (Hong Kong, March 2009)

Poetry (in journals, magazines, e-zines, etc.)
¶"You ride your bike", "Something is rotten" in Word Riot (December 2009)
¶"Scientific love" in poeticdiversity (7:3, December 2009)
¶"Love and lust" (p. 15) in Breadcrumb Scabs: A Poetry Magazine (November 2009; issue #11)
¶"To get myself some water"Reprint, "A fisherman's wife"Reprint in Ultra Violet (October 2009)
¶"Fragments"Reprint in BluePrintReview (Issue 22, 're /visit /cycle /turn')
¶"Birthdays" in The Orange Room Review (October 2009)
¶"Glory, repentance" in Asia Literary Review (No. 13, Autumn 2009)
¶"To a Potential Visitor" in The Apple Valley Review (Full 2009, 4:2)
¶"Montreal Bus Station, 3am" and "Bowling for Furniture" (original poetry by Tom Chandler, translated from the English to Chinese by me) in Poetrysky (Issue 19, Fall 2009)
¶"Sending you away" in decomP: a literary magazine (August 2009)
¶"Self Portraits" on Leaf Press (Monday's Poem, July 2009)
¶"Hong Kong Summer" in Willows Wept Review (Summer 2009)
"The Rainwater"Reprint in Poetry Friends (Wednesday 8th July 2009)
"Victorian Working Class Women" in Global Comment (Monday 6th July 2009)
"Kitchen musings" in elimae (June-July 2009)
¶"Confessions of a woman, seventy years old or less"Reprint, "A moment at a housewarming party"Reprint, "I once called a man fat"Reprint, "Minute"Reprint, "The famine, 1959-62"Reprint in New Works Review (11:1, June 2009)
"Covers and spines" in Foundling Review (issue#2, May 2009)
"My wish" in Peril: Asian-Australian Arts and Culture Magazine (issue 7, May 2009)
"My home" (in Chinese) in Chinese Journal (late 2008)
"Weekend in Paris" in Postal Poetry (Friday 6 Feb. 2009 - Friday 13 Feb. 2009)
"Free association" in The Literary Bohemian (issue#3, February 2009
"Wordscapes of the mind"Reprint [pdf] in River Poets Journal (Autumn-Winter 2008-2009) (an older version of this poem titled "Landscapes of the mind" was published in SN Review)
"Watching my dad fly a kite"Reprint in Miller's Pond Poetry Magazine (Vol. 12, issue#1, Winter 2009)

Images (see gallery
¶"Dawn" and "Clouds" in Ouroboros Review [pdf] (Issue#4, November 2009)
¶"Defiant" in wtf pwm (November 2009)
¶"A piece of sky" in Numinous Magazine (November 2009)
¶"Reflection", "Lone lantern" and "Farewell" in Counterexample Poetics (October 2009)
¶"Seen in Belgium" (Six photographs: "Wooden door", "Sun tree", "Train cart", "Sun", "Balloon" and "Canal") in The Litterbox Magazine (Issue #4, 2009)
¶"Legs in Amsterdam" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (October 2009)
¶"Nobody" and "Distorted" in Troubadour 21 (September 2009)
¶"Rotterdam clouds", "Gorilla rock" and "Cricket players" in Writers' Bloc (September 2009)
¶"My desk" in Sitting Pretty Magazine (30 August 2009)
¶"Phone booth" in Foundling Review (Issue 1 of August 2009)
¶"A London photo essay" (six photographs) in Word Catalyst Magazine [now defunct] (August 2009)
¶"Too much sun" in Stirring: A Literary Collection (June/July 2009)
¶"Future", "Rebirth" and "The Dance" in Word Catalyst Magazine [now defunct] (June 2009)
¶"Self portrait" in A View of Your Mirror (Monday 5 May 2009)
¶"Weekend in Paris" (four postcard poems) in Postal Poetry (Friday 6 Feb. 2009 - Friday 13 Feb. 2009)
¶"Indian city" in Blue Print Review (Issue#19, January 2009)

Fine Tea
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Lillian Kwok's "Departure" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Catherine Candano's "Exercise: Unlearning Heart" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Papa Osmubal's "At Hac Sa Beach, Macau" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Bryan Thao Worra's "Zelkova Tree" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Alastair Noon's "The Expat's Partner: An Email" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Alison Wong's "There's Always Things to Come Back to the Kitchen for" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Ouyang Yu's "Bad English" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Reid Mitchell's "Hiring Mourners in Wan Chai" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Alan Jefferies's "Last Stand" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Sridala Swami's "moments before they take him away" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Martin Alexander's "Smashing Up the Grand Piano" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Gilbert Koh's "Not Home" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Gillian Sze's "Sonnet II" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Grace Chin's "The Clothesline" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Steven Schroeder's "Guidebook Says" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Divya Rajan's "Factory Girls" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Phoebe Tsang's "Song for a Commuting Gravedigger" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Anna Yin's "Raspberries" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Donna Pucciani's "Lunar Eclipse" [Link]
¶A Cup of Fine Tea: Aryanil Mukherjee's "Hand Movements of a Puppeteer" [Link]